The Panasonic Varicam system is one of the most versatile camera systems currently out there. With the convenience of 5000 iso and unmatched ergonomics, this camera system truly can be tailored to any and every type of production. The LT system offers the same 4k sensor as its big brother the Varicam 35 as well as the ability to shoot up to 240 fps in 2k. The “Varicam Look” is one that I fell in love with and I continue to be captivated by.




Accessories / Support

Camera Package

  • Contour Tripod 100mm Fluid head

  • Easyrig Verio 5 with Cineflow Serene Arm ( 35 lb capacity )

  • Teredeck Bolt 500 Receiver / Transmitter

  • Movcam Single Channel Wireless Follow Focus System

  • Odyssey Q7+ RAW Recorder / Monitor

  • 4x 1TB Samsung SSD Media

  • Directors/ AC Monitor ( small HD 705 / wooden camera cage)

  • Flanders FSI Monitor 17’

  • 15mm Rods

  • RedRock 15mm Grips

  • Express P2 Card Reader

  • 1 stop rota pola

  • ND.9 Gradation Filter

  • Varicam Lt body

  • EF Lens Mount

  • PL Lens Mount

  • Panasonic EVF

  • 2x 512 P2 Express Media

  • 2x 256 P2 Express Media

  • Wooden Camera LT Unified Accessory Kit 15mm

  • VTC Shoulder Mount / Quick Release Plate

  • Control Module

  • LT grip Module

  • 4x Anton Bauer Cine 90 Batteries / Charger

  • Arri LMB 4x5 Matte Box Kit


  • Tokina 16-24mm Still Lens

  • Canon 24-70mm L Series Still Lens

  • Canon 70-200mm L Series still Lens